The grand finale of the GITA Master Series with Daniel Schmachtenberger.

Addressing the survival of our civilization, this is one the most pressing interviews ever featured on the MindHealth360 Show.

On this episode, Daniel Schmachtenberger returns to discuss a surprisingly overlooked risk to our global systems and planetary stability: artificial intelligence. Through a systems perspective, Daniel and Nate piece together the biophysical history that has led humans to this point, heading towards (and beyond) numerous planetary boundaries and facing geopolitical risks all with existential consequences. How does artificial intelligence, not only add to these risks, but accelerate the entire dynamic of the metacrisis? What is the role of intelligence vs wisdom on our current global pathway, and can we change course? Does artificial intelligence have a role to play in creating a more stable system or will it be the tipping point that drives our current one out of control?

Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal.

What is “high nature,” and what is its relation to high-tech? Can both co-exist? Gregory, Daniel and Jason discuss how to apply tools of coordination and technology in a way that regenerates the planet rather than depletes it, the urgency to create local resilience, and the importance of improved coordination around carbon credits.

This is a beautiful, rich conversation filled with gems of knowledge and insight—about our human family (actually, the lack of one), the horrible deficit of fathering in modern culture, how we can orient to the sacred and the meaningful, the fact that we actually didn’t evolve to deal with the crises we face now but to negotiate successfully as members of a tribe of around 150 people, and much more.

We are on our way to self-destruction as a civilisation, on a global level. How do we start reversing the scenario? tune into this fascinating conversation between Harvest’s journalist Rose Claverie and Daniel Schmachtenberger.

A deep dive into the game theory and exponential growth underlying our modern economic system, and how recent advancements in AI are poised to turn up the pressure on that system, and its wider environment, in ways we have never seen before.

This is the third in a series of episodes with Daniel, in which we dive into coordination mechanisms that can address the Metacrisis.

On this 5th and final installment of the Bend Not Break series with Daniel Schmachtenberger, we unpack the framework and mindset needed to begin thinking about responses. This conversation touches on what it means to work on personal development in the light of a polycrisis, and how it is truly a never ending but necessary challenge. Finally, Daniel and Nate break down a 3×3 grid on time frame and category of responses.