Where are we headed as a species? What is the landscape of risks and challenges that we need to confront over the next decades, and are there a small number of key factors that we need to solve to avoid catastrophe?

In Part 3 of their series, Schmachtenberger and Hagens explore metanarratives. Why are they threatening to various sections of society?

This is the second in a series of episodes with Daniel, in which we dive into coordination mechanisms that can address the Metacrisis.

Daniel Schmachtenberger returns to The Stoa to highlight good projects, and people doing good work – to inspire Stoans about the types of solutions people can create.

This is the first in a series of episodes with Daniel, in which the CoordiNation will get to the bottom of the Metacrisis and how we may best address it.

We play with a fable, that might become Story if enough people and place can work on it, with Daniel Schmachtenberger, founding member of The Consilience Project.

This is part two of our conversation with social philosopher and thought leader, Daniel Schmachtenberger. If you haven’t listened to part one, go back and do that, as it lays all the groundwork for what he and Berry explore in this episode.

We’ve got an epic conversation with one of the most sophisticated thinkers on the planet today, the social philosopher Daniel Schmachtenberger.

Here is Part 2 in a series of conversations with my friend Daniel Schmachtenberger. It’s great to learn in real time with someone looking at the challenge our civilization faces – with a completely different background but similar ethos. It’s like playing an insight slot machine in real time.

In the first of a three-part series, Nate and Daniel outline the macro risks and pathways for civilization to ‘bend’ and avoid ‘breaking’ in coming decades.

To overcome humanity’s current existential threat, Daniel argues we all need to work towards a radical cultural enlightenment.