This website is my personal blog, focused on exploring topics that I find meaningful and relevant to being human well, individually and collectively. Specifically, thoughts on the future of civilization, the sensitivity and potential of our current situation, and how we might navigate the path ahead.

Where it serves the purposes above, I might also investigate philosophical, scientific, and technological topics that critically inform our thinking about the future.


Growing up home-schooled, Daniel had early exposure to design science (Buckminster Fuller, Jacques Fresco, Permaculture, etc.), systems science and complexity (Fritjof Capra, Stuart Kauffman, etc.), philosophy and psychology (eastern and western approaches), and activism (animal rights, environmental issues, social justice, etc.) His passion has always been at the intersection of these topics – specifically, facilitating the emergence into a mature civilization – that can prevent otherwise impending catastrophes, remediate existing damage, make possible a radically higher quality of life for all sustainably, and support greater realization of our individual and collective potential.

Daniel works on a number of projects related to these goals.

He is also the director or Research and Development at Neurohacker Collective, working on complexity informed solutions for the future of well-being science, medicine, and evolving human capacity. He hosts a podcast there exploring those topics.

He also posts on more personal topics on FB @danielschmachtenberger

Regarding the topics on this site, Daniel’s thoughts are inspired and informed by the great work of many people, beyond what can be obviously accredited. His thoughts are particularly influenced by his collaborators, most notably (for the topics on this blog) Forrest Landry, Jordan Hall, And Zachary Stein. (Meaningful influence came from his collaborations with Bret Weinstein, Michael Vassar, Dave Snowden, Bryce Hiddysmith, Nelson Del Rio, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and many others.)

Intellectual Inspirations:
Buckminster Fuller, Jacques Fresco, Ken Wilber, Fritjof Capra, David Bohm, Krishnamurti, Bill Mollison, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Ilya Prigogine, Stuart Kauffman, Ervin Laszlo, James Carse, Arthur Koestler, Vedanta, Lao Tzu, Carl Sagan, Roger Penrose, Mahatma Gandhi, Victor Frankl, Buddha, Anthony De Mello, Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, Alfred North Whitehead, Stanslov Grof, Hafiz

Topics addressed on this site:
Macroeconomics, governance, sense-making, collective intelligence, biomimicry, complexity, systems theory, forecasting, existential and catastrophic risks, infrastructure, philosophy, ontology, epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, resilience, anti-fragility, evolutionary theory, science, memetics, information theory, cybernetics, game theory, whole system design, emergence, synergetics, jurisprudence, technology, existential risk, choice, coherence, meaning, self-organization, autopoiesis, psychology, psychopathology, conditioning, ontological design, language, culture, semiotics, hermeneutics, coordination, intelligence, sentience, sovereignty, well-being, medicine, education, therapy, relationships, communication