What's Really Driving Global Problems in the World Today?

We’ve explored many different problems on Your Undivided Attention — addiction, disinformation, polarization, climate change, and more. But what if many of these problems are actually symptoms of the same meta-problem, or meta-crisis? And what if a key leverage point for intervening in this meta-crisis is improving our collective capacity to problem-solve?

Our guest Daniel Schmachtenberger guides us through his vision for a new form of global coordination to help us address our global existential challenges. Daniel is a founding member of the Consilience Project, aimed at facilitating new forms of collective intelligence and governance to strengthen open societies. He’s also a friend and mentor of Tristan Harris.

This is “Episode 36: [Unedited] A Problem Well-Stated Is Half-Solved” from Your Undivided Attention, the podcast from the Center for Humane Technology — a non-profit organization working to catalyze a humane future. View a transcript of this episode here.

This insight-packed episode introduces key frames we look forward to using in future episodes. For this reason, we highly encourage you to listen to this unedited version along with the edited version.

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