High Tech, High Nature: Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jason Snyder | Planetary Regeneration Podcast with Gregory Landua

Today Gregory is joined on the podcast by Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jason Snyder. Daniel is the founder of the Civilization Research Initiative focused on finding a way through the twin attractors of increasing global catastrophic risks and control dystopias, addressing the underlying drivers of each and the unanticipated effects of our aggregate choices. Jason is a professor in Sustainable Development at Appalachian State University, a homesteader, permaculturist, and producer/host of the Doomer Optimism podcast.

What is “high nature,” and what is its relation to high-tech? Can both co-exist? Gregory, Daniel and Jason discuss how to apply tools of coordination and technology in a way that regenerates the planet rather than depletes it, the urgency to create local resilience, and the importance of improved coordination around carbon credits.