Daniel Schmachtenberger PART 1: social philosopher, thought leader, sensemaker | Dumbo Feather Podcast #75

We’ve got an epic conversation with one of the most sophisticated thinkers on the planet today, the social philosopher Daniel Schmachtenberger.

Berry spoke with Daniel for our systems change issue of the magazine, a special edition for this crucial moment in history, which comes out March 24.

Daniel is co-founder of Civilization Emerging and The Consilience project, and has a particular focus in his work on existential threats to humanity, and the importance of collective sensemaking.

He’s able to illustrate the three-dimensional, and intersectional realities of the problems we find ourselves in right now – from war to climate change to social upheavel – and suggest that we have not reached the limits of our cognitive capacity to solve for them. He is inspiring many, including us, to look clearly at this moment before it’s too late.

Because this was a humdinger of a chat, which will require you to pause, process and rewind in many parts, we’ve split the conversation into two episodes. The second will be in your feed next week.