Daniel Schmachtenberger Interview - One Earth Live


One Earth Live was an online transformational festival which included an international lineup of high-end musicians, artists, and speakers unifying to promote a positive outlook in a world currently facing so many challenges. One Earth Live took place online via streaming partner and digital venue PORTL on May 23rd and 24th, 2020.

The two-day transformational online festival is highlighted by musical headliners John Butler, Michael Franti, Nahko, Trevor Hall, FINK, Rising Appalachia, Mike Love and Krishna Das, as well as world-renowned public figures and speakers, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Jason Silva, Charles Eisenstein, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, and many others.

One Earth Live was born as a collaborative charitable response to increasing global tensions over COVID-19; focusing on uplifting the world through positivity. Festival co-creator, Chris Deckker highlights the sentiment by noting much of the theme “will not focus on what is breaking down, but what positive things are breaking through for humanity at this time, and what solutions and pathways are available for us as a global community, enabling us to move into a positive future and not return to ‘business as usual.’

One Earth Live featured the universal language of music on its main stage, with brief intermissions of visionary leaders across a variety of sectors, wellness experts, yoga instructors, youth activists, poets, and First Nation Elders. With close to 20 countries represented, this global occurrence continues to give back through transparent donations managed by the charitable organization Proof of Impact, while also allowing donations to be made directly to the artists, who are currently unable to tour.

This two-day global conscious lifestyle event set the precedent for how artistic unity and live entertainment can thrive through an outbreak. Strategic partnerships and goal-oriented artistic bonds have come together in a matter of weeks to form a historic experience.