Perspectives is a new podcast created by Under the Tree hosted by Fedor Holz, exploring different ways of looking at the world and approaches of sensemaking through the lens of highly self-directed individuals. Speaking with guests from science, art, culture and entrepreneurship with diverse backgrounds we will be diving into their past, present and future. We want you to see the world through their eyes to expand your horizon without trying to push any agenda.

“Daniel Schmachtenberger is one of the most inspiring people I had the opportunity to talk to and I felt the urge to share his perspectives with a larger audience. Daniel Schmachtenberger’s central interest is long term civilization design: developing better collective capacities for sense-making and meaning-making, to inform higher quality choice-making towards a world commensurate with our higher values and potentials. He has an eclectic educational background, mostly from outside of institutional settings, in the natural sciences, social sciences, and philosophy…with an emphasis in the epistemics needed to better approach ‘wicked’ problems, and the ethical considerations to inform the design criteria for adequate solutions. Daniel has participated in projects to survey the landscape of existential and catastrophic risks, advance forecasting and mitigation strategies, and develop capacities for the kinds of multi-agent coordination needed to implement viable solutions. Associated work has been done to synthesize and advance civilizational collapse and institutional decay models, insofar as they are useful in both scenario modeling and designing more resilient systems. Advancing those models for long term viability, along with advancing the capacities for sense-making, design, and coordination needed to support the necessary nearer-term transitional and protective work, is Daniel’s mission and focus. He has also done work in functional medicine and biotech, education and human development, and advised private and public sector leaders on how to address complex scenarios across a number of sectors.”~ Fedor Holz