Daniel Schmachtenberger | Are We Currently Fighting World War III? (#71)

As far as I am concerned, Daniel Schmachtenberger is one of the most brilliant thinkers on the planet today. He is a founding member at The Consilience Project, an organization that is focused on making accurate sense of current planetary developments with the intention to prevent global catastrophic risk.

In this podcast, Daniel and I discuss a wide range of topics including the following:
* What kind of thinking do we need to better understand and address current existential problems?
* What have all these problems in common and how can we address them better?
* Which powers are currently ruling the world and why none of them is democratic?
* What is radical fragility and why is GDP is a dreadful metric? What metric is better?
* Are we currently fighting World War III
* Are you curious yet?

Enjoy this very special conversation and share it widely!
— Mariana