Daniel Schmachtenberger: “Bend not Break #5: Criteria and Categories for Response”

On this 5th and final installment of the Bend Not Break series with Daniel Schmachtenberger, we unpack the framework and mindset needed to begin thinking about responses. This conversation touches on what it means to work on personal development in the light of a polycrisis, and how it is truly a never ending but necessary challenge. Finally, Daniel and Nate break down a 3×3 grid on time frame and category of responses.

Show Notes & Links to Learn More

00:40 – Daniel Schmachtenberger info + TGS episodes part 1 and part 2 and part 3 and part 4 + Overview of Nate’s story: Animated videos, Economics for the Future – Beyond the Superorganism + 3×3 Grid:

01:13Youtube Video

03:04Long term climate geographic projection models

05:42Marvin Harris, Cultural Materialism


13:52 Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs

23:22War in Eastern Europe, Moving backwards on climate change

26:20OODA loops

37:43Daniel’s list of questions for how to understand a problem space and a solution space

42:55Richard Haass, CFR

44:55First Order/second order effects

46:52David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti

53:18System thinking

54:01Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation

57:30Unexpected externalities of the smart phone

57:53Precautionary Principle

58:25Diversity of Perspective and Pluralism

1:04:12 Rachel Carson

1:06:38 Tragedy of the Commons

1:13:35Negative talk about an opponent is an effective campaign strategy

1:40:40Juliet Schor, The Overspent American

1:43:10Degrowth vs Post-growth

1:47:35WHO, G20

1:48:40Geography of the Amazon and largest threats to its existence

1:51:00Effects of the loss of the Amazon as hydrological pump

1:55:30Nelson Del Rio, Prosperity of the Commons

1:56:50 The World Bank

2:07:00Leaded gasoline and its eventual outlaw

2:09:17Larry Lessig

1:09:55Rank Choice Voting, gerrymandering, campaign finance reform

2:19:02Tomas Bjorkman, TGS Episode