Daniel Schmachtenberger: Ai Risks & The Metacrisis | Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Timestamps and Sponsors:

00:00:00 Overview of Daniel’s Worldview and Introduction

00:05:13 Nash Equilibrium

00:09:05 Quasiprobability Distributions, Quantum Mechanics, & Wigner

00:13:26 The Metacrisis

00:30:53 Exponential and Unsustainable Economic System

00:54:44 Synopsis so-far

00:58:43 Classifying Different Civilizational Risks

01:22:28 Natural Selection on Altruistic Religions

01:53:16 The “Risk Space” of Ai

02:32:59 Paperclip Maximizer Scenario

02:37:31 “Finitely Describing What’s ‘Good'” is the Alignment Problem

03:37:53 Iain McGilchrist, John Vervaeke, and the Metacrisis

03:42:27 David Bohm’s Connected Consciousness (“Implicate Order”)

03:44:22 Explications on Phenomenal Consciousness (Gregg Henriques)

04:01:34 Geoffrey Hinton, Yejin Choi, and OpenAI on Ai

04:11:33 Daniel’s Message to the Audience