YUA Podcast Club: Daniel Schmachtenberger

On Your Undivided Attention — the Center for Humane Technology’s podcast — co-hosts Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin reimagine our digital infrastructure with anthropologists, researchers, cultural and faith-based leaders, activists, and other experts. Episode 36 – A Problem Well-Stated Is Half-Solved features Daniel Schmachtenberger, a founding member of the Consilience Project, which is aimed at improving public sense-making and dialogue. In the episode, Daniel guides us through his vision for a new form of global coordination to help us address our global existential challenges.

This video is a followup conversation from that episode, featuring Daniel in dialogue with Tristan and our Executive Producer Stephanie Lepp. This conversation is part of our new, free, virtual podcast club for Your Undivided Attention. The club will feature live Q&As with podcast guests, followed by optional deep dive discussions in small groups.