What Is Ethics? An Exploration of Choice and Love


Forrest Landry joins us for the first public podcast interview he has ever done. In this episode, Daniel Schmachtenberger interviews Forrest on the principles of ethics and choice. This is a critical conversation because we need to make choices in a different way than we have up to this point in history due to technology giving us ever increasing capacity for our choices to make huge impacts. We discuss:

  • What differentiates morals from ethics?
  • What is a good choice and what is a loving choice?
  • The toolkit for making choices.
  • Asking better questions.
  • Formalizing the process of ethical consideration for the world we live in with exponential tech.
  • The distinction between choice and decision.
  • Being, becoming and doing.
  • Being in right relationship with yourself, other people and the world.

Guest biography: 

Forrest Landry a philosopher, founder, writer, researcher, scientist, engineer, and craftsman. He has a unique set of skills in large scale systems design and worked on many software projects in the business and government sectors. His most original and insightful work is in the area of metaphysics – the study of what is, what is the nature of being, what is the nature of knowing, and by what means we make good choices. His foundational work “The Immanent Metaphysics” reflects a decades long effort to restore legitimacy to the practice of metaphysics and construct a rigorous, coherent and precise statement of Ethics.

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