An Immanent Metaphysics - Forrest Landry

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Before inventing the Magic-Flight Launch Box, philosopher, woodworker and writer, Forrest Landry, penned multiple titles on the subject of Metaphysics, or the study of the relationship between self and reality. These titles aim to restore legitimacy to the scholarly pursuit of metaphysical inquiry, as well as to provide tools for navigating life that, when practiced, help us to realize greater love in this world.

When speaking of the aphorism on the back of our Launch Boxes, “Love is That Which Enables Choice”, we often say that it is the distillation of a complete philosophical system.

Those desiring to more fully understand that system may choose to explore the “Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom” and “The Effective Choice” for a more in-depth exploration of these life-enhancing philosophies.

It is then, if deeper inquiry is desired, that “An Immanent Metaphysics” is recommended. This book contains a summary of those concepts believed to be of maximum value in understanding key areas at the foundations of metaphysics. Although it is the final publication in this series, the concepts presented are best treated as points of departure for deeper contemplation still, rather than being considered the last word.

The most scholarly of all the philosophy books we offer, “An Immanent Metaphysics” can be seen as a “master class” in Metaphysics and is recommended for advanced students of philosophy.